About Us


Who we are

World Renowned Designs are a small but prestigious website development group. We understand that your website is the home for your business on the internet.  It’s the place that potential customers go to when researching about your business, the products and services that you offer.  It’s also the place that potential employees go to in order to get a better understanding of your business, your history and your credibility within the local market.  It’s therefore critical to the long term success of your business that your website truly represents your business in the way that you want others to see you. The strategies and content we build help your products, launch campaigns, systems and then some — all to inspire the people our brands care about most.

Our Services

We provide a wide array of  web design and
development services


We specialize in WordPress solutions for small businesses, individuals, freelancers, and a variety of other professionals.

Custom Logos

One of the first things that someone will notice is your logo. That’s why we strive to make your logo as beautiful, original and modern as possible.

Content updating

We pride ourselves on working efficiently and providing timely updates at reasonable cost. 
You decide how involved you want to be. Some of our customers prefer us do all the work, because they don’t have the time. Others only come to us for help when needed.

Quality Assurance

We are always willing to go that extra mile to bring out the best business relationships possible. We take a holistic approach and of whatever scope a project is, it is given full attention and is handled with care. Don’t like something? Just tell us! Explain what you like and don’t, we will handle the rest.


  • “It’s just amazing. World Renowned is truly upstanding. The logo saved my business.”
    – Sonnie K

  • “The service was excellent. It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Thank You!”
    – Maddy S.

  • “I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding site. I have gotten at least 50 times the value from it. Best. Website. Ever!”
    – Cristin T

How We Work

Do you have Content?

If your already have your logo, pictures and writing content then all we need to do is pick out the site.  You can pick from one of our demo sites, show us a site you like or even sketch it all out and explain how you want it. The possibilities are endless.

You do not have Content?

You don’t have content!? Well that is not a problem. You tell us what you want and the feel of your site, we will do the rest.

Want to learn?

If later, on you don’t like anything or want to be able to change things on your  own, or you just want to learn then we offer lessons in the form of videos or one on one via skype.

Need a logo?

Just explain what your business or idea is all about. We will design a series of sketches and just pick out your favorites.

Let’s talk about your project?